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Blackbelt is 60 times bigger now than it was 10 years ago. The reason for our success is simple: it's down to the quality of the software we develop. 

Product excellence is not accidental. It emerges from deliberate intentions based on customer feedback. From dedicated effort, good decision-making, and skilful execution. From making the best choices when faced with multiple alternatives.​

In the world of e-tech recycling software, like in Formula 1 or the IndyCar Series, everyone starts with the same specs, but it's how you assemble the parts that makes you a winner.

Harby Garchay, CEO Blackbelt360

Blackbelt Growth WHT-1
20 Years BLK

Blackbelt360 was established in 2004. We provide retailers, marketplaces and supply chain services refurbishing and reselling smartphones, tablets and computers with software solutions. 

These include data handling & security, diagnostics, trade-in & wireless apps across a variety of industries.

Our software solutions are fully customisable and integrated across every touchpoint, enabling businesses to increase efficiency,  streamline processes, and encourage scalability.
Our software solutions are fully customisable and are easily integrated into existing operations. This helps businesses increase operating speed and effectiveness, and grow with confidence.
With over 25 million devices processed every year, our diverse product range can be tailored for Consumers, Retail, Warehouse and Aftercare services-integrated seamlessly whilst enhancing automation.
Blackbelt360 diagnostics, data erasure, retail and trade-in software helps our customers recycle over 25 million mobiles, PCs and Macs every year.
Data security and handling
Data Erasure
Wireless apps
Wireless Apps
Cloud configuration
Call centre online support
Call Centre Online Support
Robotics & Automation

Seamless Integrated Solutions

Our purpose, as a software powerhouse is to bring innovation to life through our seamlessly integrated solutions.

Everything we do revolves around adding value to our customers. We strive to help them streamline processes, increase efficiency, and maximise profits while decreasing global e-waste.

Seamless Integrated Solutions