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Find out what our clients have been saying about us...
Grant HalseyOperations Development Manager


“As the UK’s largest tech retailer, our mission is to help customers enjoy amazing technology. This means not only helping our customers choose and enjoy shiny new kit, but also giving longer life to the tech they already own.

One key area we identified as being both a customer and business pain point was the process of processing laptop returns and repairs – an area where it is really important to run an efficient diagnostics process at the get-go, to prevent non-faulty laptops being sent off for repair, and vice-versa.

We needed a consistent process for our stores so that colleagues could confidently diagnose laptop issues for customers, regardless of their technical ability. The solution we launched displays the diagnostics we carry out on the laptop, all live with the customer. Some tests are fully automated, the rest are fully guided, allowing customers and colleagues to be confident in the process and final decision reached.

Using the Blackbelt tool helps us to standardise the screening process, making it as straight-forward and objective as possible, and ensuring that we are screening accurately and consistently across the business. Customer issues are being resolved as early as possible, and as a business we have reduced costs by lowering the amount of returns.”

Lorene ValotProduct Manager


“Blackbelt’s software has revolutionised the way we operate. Their state-of-the-art software and simple user interface have shortened our procedures, increasing production and efficiency everywhere.” 

Tim SluysChief Executive Officer


“Blackbelt’s superior software has helped our overall efficiency.  They have been a great partner in developing tailor-made solutions to fit our specific business needs.  Blackbelt has a best-in-class team that is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. This is without a doubt one of the best companies we have had the pleasure of partnering with.”

Terry McArdleTraining Development Specialist


"Blackbelt has been an absolute game-changer for Cash Converters. The software has addressed Cash Converter’s pressing need for a reliable and efficient solution to thoroughly check and analyze the mobile devices they handle regularly".

Stuart SaundersOwner


“We have been using Blackbelt software to test the mobile phones we buy since February 2017. It has cut the number of broken devices to almost nothing and saved us £1,000s in broken stock and wasted staff time. I would recommend it to anyone that deals with pre-owned devices.” 

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"BB360 is the best tool I've used."