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Blackbelt Datawipe

Delivering fast and effective data erasure for smartphones and tablets

Datawipe by Blackbelt360

Blackbelt360's DataWipe software delivers unmatched security and efficiency, offering swift, simultaneous data erasure across multiple devices. This software is compatible with all major operating systems and ensures full compliance with global data privacy regulations.

  • Efficient and Secure: Enables fast, secure data deletion across multiple devices simultaneously. Fully compliant with international privacy standards.

  • Broad Compatibility: Supports all major operating systems, including Android and iOS for smartphones, as well as Windows and macOS for PCs and Macs.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies multi-device processing, minimizing complexity and boosting productivity.

  • Transparent Auditing: Offers a comprehensive audit trail for each device, detailing the wiping method, date, and device identity.

  • Certified Data Erasure: Issues a DataWipe certificate for each device, verifying the successful and permanent removal of data, adhering to global data protection laws.

Datawipe 20 Screens

Certified Erasure with Globally Recognized Compliance:

Blackbelt360’s DataWipe helps retailers, marketplaces, and supply chain services, to comply with stringent international standards such as CCPA, EU-GDPR, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and the rigorous US NIST Special Publication 800-88 and US DoD 5220.22-M. These certifications confirm that DataWipe meets the highest standards for data sanitization.   

Blackbelt uses propriety methods for different operating systems, a typical wipe would follow the below process; 

Erasing Mobile Phone Data: The software efficiently erases data from mobile phones and tablets, ensuring that all sensitive information is permanently removed. This safeguard protects customer data and supports cost-effective management by avoiding the need for device destruction or re-procurement.  
Wipe Settings and Standards: DataWipe's advanced settings allow users to specify the number of wipes, adhering to and exceeding established data erasure standards. This flexibility ensures that all data is securely overwritten and unrecoverable.  
iOS Data Wipe Processes:
  • Secure Wipe: Overwrites the existing iOS with a new ISPW file, ensuring the device is factory reset and reboots to the “hello” screen, making recovery impossible.
  • Standard Wipe: Utilizes the device's built-in factory reset function, ensuring a straightforward wipe that also resets the device to the “hello” screen.
Transparent Auditing: Offers a comprehensive audit trail for each device, detailing the wiping method, date, and device identity.  
Device Reset Check: After the wiping process, a device reset check is performed to ensure that the device is in a factory-reset state, effectively eliminating any chances of data remnants or recovery.  
Replacement Parts and Cloud Checks: Our DataWipe software detects original parts and replacement parts and performs comprehensive cloud checks, including carrier, lease, warranty, and lock status, ensuring a thorough assessment of each device's condition and security status.  
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Mobile Wipe Certificate


Each wiping process is completed with a certificate of erasure, which includes unique device information and asset capture, providing documented proof of data sanitization.


"The software is seamless, fast and invaluable, especially if you are testing a product you are less familiar with."