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Blackbelt360 Software

Helping retailers, marketplaces and supply chain services to process and refurbish mobiles and computers at scale and speed

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Blackbelt360 Software

Blackbelt360 offers a sophisticated software platform that empowers electronic device refurbishers to grow their businesses quickly and effectively. Our tools ensure detailed diagnostics and secure, globally compliant data erasure. With features like easy cloud configuration and fast operating speeds, Blackbelt360's software enables seamless processing and refurbishment of both mobiles and computers.

All the software we develop offers…
Customization and Automation: Tailor your testing and erasure processes to meet your specific needs with bespoke logic and pre-configured settings. Automate repetitive tasks to save time and ensure precision in mobile device processing.
Centralized Management: Manage your operations from a single online dashboard, where you can create bespoke process controls and configure settings for multiple devices simultaneously. This centralization is key to maintaining efficiency and control over both small and large-scale operations.
Global Standards Compliance: Our software adheres to globally recognized compliance standards for data protection, ensuring that all processes are secure and reliable.
Cross-Platform Compatibility: Our products support both Windows and MacOS platforms, ensuring seamless operation across different operating systems. This universal compatibility enhances the flexibility and scalability of our services.
Advanced Integration: Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems using industry-standard API and Webhooks. This feature simplifies the workflow process, making it more efficient and less prone to errors.
Comprehensive Reporting with Bulk Download Capability: Generate and retrieve detailed reports in formats like PDF, CSV, XML, and JSON, facilitating easy integration and consistent data management across systems. With the added functionality to input IMEI or serial numbers, you can effortlessly bulk download all associated reports, streamlining your operational efficiency.
Sustainability through Innovation: Blackbelt360 software enables refurbishers, resellers, and retailers to grow the circular economy by streamlining the refurbishment and resetting of devices using our specialized algorithms and factory reset functions. This collaborative approach not only prolongs the life of electronic devices but also fosters environmental sustainability.

"Blackbelt offers flexibility in terms of service, has a great support. We have been using the service for over five years now."