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Blackbelt360 Diagnostics

Delivering fast and effective data analysis for Smartphones and Tablets

Diagnostics by Blackbelt360

Blackbelt360's Diagnostic software carries out a comprehensive suite of tests for tech device refurbishers, generating complete repair records and grading multiple devices simultaneously. This versatile software works for mobiles and for Windows and Mac desktops.

  • Comprehensive Testing: Executes a full suite of tests, creates detailed repair records, and assigns grades to multiple devices simultaneously

  • Flexible Access: Available as both desktop and mobile applications, optimizing the testing process for smartphones and Windows and Mac PCs with improved speed and reliability

  • Versatile Use: Ideal for retail and supply chain environments, demonstrating broad deployment potential

  • Efficient Documentation: Enables direct email dispatch of usage data and test certificates from the user interface

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Carries out full Testing and applies Autograding Logic

Our Diagnostic software executes a robust suite of tests and automatically grades devices, improving accuracy and productivity. This system is globally recognized for its enhanced grading capabilities and can handle multiple devices simultaneously, making it invaluable in high-volume environments like warehouses and retail.

Multi-Platform Install
Offers Flexible Access Across multiple Platforms

Available as both desktop and mobile applications, our software ensures that tech device refurbishers, resellers and retailers can perform device diagnostics efficiently, whether in the field or at a work station.

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Carries out Replacement Parts and Cloud Checks

Our Diagnostics software detects original parts and replacement parts and performs comprehensive cloud checks, including carrier, lease, warranty, and lock status, ensuring a thorough assessment of each device's condition and security status.


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Efficiently Integrates Documentation & Workflows

You can email usage data and test certificates directly from the software’s user interface, streamlining documentation and audit trails. This feature supports a clear repair and refurbishment process, reducing errors and operational costs.

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Extensive Device Information and External API Integration

The software gathers essential device information such as make, model, serial number, OS information, and IMEI for mobiles. It integrates external APIs to access additional data, including Apple iCloud status, MDM details, and GSMA lost or stolen checks, to offer tech refurbishers the deepest diagnostic analysis available in today’s market.

Our Diagnostics software carries out extensive hardware tests, including:

   Device Info - Gather and verify basic device specifics

   Battery Health - Assess performance and capacity of device battery

   Jailbreak/Rooted - Check for unauthorized modifications

  Cosmetic Appraisal - Evaluate the physical condition of the device 

   Hardware Keys - Ensure all physical buttons function correctly

  Sound & Mics - Test audio output and microphone functionality

   Sensor Test - Test blue-tooth, proximity, gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS and barometer 

   NFC Test - Ensure NFC is functioning correctly 

   Vision & Camera/Video - Check display quality and camera performance

   Face ID, Touch ID & Fingerprint/Sensors - Verify the functionality of security sensors 

  Live Call Capability - Test the device's ability to handle live communications

iOS Quick Activation and Custom Features

Features such as iOS quick activation, label printing, and battery testing cater to specific needs within the refurbishing process, enhancing both functionality and user experience.

After using our Diagnostics software to ensure each of your devices is functioning optimally, the next step is to securely erase all data using our data sanitisation software, DataWipe.

This essential software restores devices to an “out-of-box” state, erasing all data to protect privacy and meet data compliance standards. Together, BlackBelt360 Diagnostics and BlackBelt360 DataWipe offer a complete refurbishment package, seamlessly taking your devices from tested to market-ready.

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