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Providing secure data erasure and diagnostics for your PC and Mac.

PC Wipe & Diagnostics by Blackbelt360

Blackbelt360’s PC Wipe & Diagnostics software offers an all-in-one solution for comprehensive data erasure and detailed device diagnostics, tailored specifically for PC and Mac refurbishers. This powerful software ensures secure and permanent data cleansing compliant with global standards, while also conducting a full suite of diagnostic tests to grade and certify the condition of each device. Designed for efficiency and reliability, it supports a broad range of hardware configurations and seamlessly integrates with existing systems via industry-standard APIs.

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Certified Data Erasure:

Ensures secure, permanent removal of data, meeting global compliance standards

Comp Diagnostics
Comprehensive Diagnostics:

Conducts a full suite of tests, improving accuracy and efficiency in device grading

Easy Configuration
Broad Hardware Compatibility:

Supports an expansive range of PC and Mac hardware configurations

Consistent Grading ORANGE
Seamless Systems Integration:

Uses industry-standard APIs and Webhooks for easy incorporation into existing systems


Certified Secure Data Erasure

Our software guarantees the permanent removal of sensitive data from PCs, laptops, Mac devices, and servers, complying with stringent international privacy regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and SOX. It provides data erasure reports and certificates that serve as definitive audit trails for compliance.


Comprehensive Testing and Auto Grading Logic:

The diagnostics component conducts extensive tests on PC and Mac devices, offering auto grading capabilities that improve accuracy and streamline processes. This feature is crucial for high-volume environments, ensuring devices meet all operational standards before resale or redistribution.

Blackbelt360 PC/Mac DataWipe & Diagnostics conducts rigorous hardware tests to ensure comprehensive device evaluation, including:

  Keyboard Test -  Confirms each key's functionality and responsiveness

    Trackpad Assessment - Evaluates sensitivity & accuracy of trackpads

   Display Check - Analyses screen quality, resolution, & color accuracy

    Webcam Verification - Tests webcam clarity and operational status

   Ports Functionality - Ensures all USB, HDMI, & other ports are working

   CPU Performance - Assesses the processor's speed and efficiency

   Memory Test - Evaluates the RAM's capacity and performance

   Storage Test - Checks read/write speeds and health of internal drives 

    Microphone & Speaker - Tests audio input / output for clarity & volume

   WiFi Connectivity - Verifies stability & strength of Wi-Fi connections

    Bluetooth Pairing - Checks the functionality of Bluetooth connections

    Touchscreen Responsiveness - Tests touch input sensitivity/accuracy

Flexible Hardware Support and Compatibility

Supporting a wide array of hardware, the software is capable of handling BIOS & UEFI machines, including Intel-based Macs with Apple T2 and Secure Boot. It is compatible with various storage devices like IDE/ATA, SATA, SCSI, SAS, USB, Fibre Channel, and FireWire hard disk drives, as well as SATA and SAS solid state drives of any size/block size.

Centralized Online Dashboard

Operators can manage the entire process from a central online dashboard, creating a streamlined workflow for wiping and diagnostics. This system allows for user management, license distribution, and a central repository of all reports and certificates.

Specialized PC/Mac Certifications

Each successful data wipe and diagnostic test generates a PC/Mac Wipe Certificate with detailed device information and asset capture, providing additional proof for compliance and quality assurance.

Efficient API/Webhooks Integration

Compatibility with industry-standard APIs and Webhooks ensures that the software can seamlessly connect with existing IT infrastructures, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing setup times.

Customizable Reporting for Compliance and Audit

Generates customizable erasure and diagnostic reports in formats such as PDF, CSV, XML, and JSON, which are essential for compliance audits and maintaining a transparent operational trail.

Extensive Device Information Collection

Collects and verifies vital device information, including make, model, serial number, and OS information. Uses external APIs for enhanced data capture, such as iCloud status and MDM details.


Technical specification: 

  • Supports Windows/MacOS inc Apple Silicon.  
  • Data wipe data securely from PCs, laptops, servers, and storage environments based on x86 and x86-64 architectures.  
  • BIOS & UEFI machines, including Intel-based Macs, Apple T2 and Secure Boot.  
  • IDE/ATA, SATA, SCSI, SAS, USB, Fibre Channel, FireWire hard disk drives of any size/block size  
  • SATA and SAS solid state drives of any size/block size. 

PC/Mac Wipe Certificate


Blackbelt provide a certificate of wipe for each transaction with unique device information capture.


"The software is seamless, fast and invaluable especially if you are testing a product you are less familiar with."