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Nancy Ampaw06/11/23 13:241 min read

Social Media meets Software with Blackbelt and TikTok Shop

TikTok has grown into an entertainment and e-commerce leader. Since its launch in 2016, the social media platform has grabbed the attention of a younger audience through its short video content, catching viewer attention in seconds.
With its new retail feature released in August, TikTokShop allows customers to purchase devices from leading merchants under their ‘refurbished technology’ category.


The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t helped inflation and the rising cost of living and upgrading to the latest new tech is now an expensive matter. But refurbished electronic devices offer an attractive price advantage. And they have another advantage: buyers are now also considering the environmental impact of buying new. More and more are focusing on prolonging the lifespan of existing devices and reducing electronic waste. Values that Blackbelt360 strongly upholds.

At the heart of TikTok’s ‘refurbished technology’ platform is the commitment to providing both affordability and quality. Enabled by Blackbelt360’s cutting-edge software, this new TikTok marketplace is meeting buyer demands for sustainability, making advanced technology accessible to younger users, and setting a high quality standard for used tech. TikTok’s new retail arm is already boosting sales and customer loyalty.

Blackbelt360’s collaboration with Tiktok is a major milestone for the tech industry, ensuring that buyers can shop with confidence for the most sought-after devices and products.


"Our company is proud to have joined forces with TikTok Shop. Out brief was to ensure that people buying pre-owned devices through the TikTok Shop know they’ve been thoroughly tested. Our partnership with TikTok boosts their customer trust and supports our mission to extend device lifecycles for a more sustainable way of life. Our software is seamlessly integrated into TikTok Shop’s processes so that shoppers enjoy a smooth and hassle-free experience."

Harby Garchay, Director and CEO




Nancy Ampaw

Nancy Ampaw began her career with Blackbelt Smartphone Defence, gaining unparalleled experience in marketing and content writing while establishing herself as a respected international marketing executive. She is widely known for her blogging, marketing strategy, project management, and result-driven work.