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Sarjo SaidykhanJul 31, 2023 10:08:06 AM3 min read

Blackbelt 360 and Cash Converters Collaboration

Blackbelt 360, a software company specializing in mobile device analysis and optimization, has established a successful collaboration with Capital Cash Ltd, trading as Cash Converters. This case study highlights the journey of Blackbelt's partnership with Cash Converters, outlining their achievements and the positive impact their software solution has had on the company.


Six years ago, Blackbelt was invited to an event hosted by Cash Converters, a renowned brand in the tech industry. This event marked the beginning of a prosperous relationship between the two companies. Recognizing the potential in Blackbelt's software, Cash Converters embraced the collaboration, leading to the implementation of Blackbelt's solution across their operations. 


Landing Major Deals:

Blackbelt's software solution has proven its value to Cash Converters, resulting in the establishment of successful partnerships with two of their largest stores. The quality and performance of Blackbelt's software have significantly contributed to the growth and success of Cash Converters in handling smartphones and tablets. 


Game-Changing Impact:

According to Terry McArdle, a Training Development Specialist at Capital Cash Ltd, Blackbelt has been an absolute game-changer for Cash Converters. The software has addressed their pressing need for a reliable and efficient solution to thoroughly check and analyze the mobile devices they handle regularly. 


Detail and Accuracy:

One of the standout features of Blackbelt's software is its impressive level of detail and accuracy. It effortlessly scans and detects potential issues or vulnerabilities in the devices, ensuring optimal performance and security. Cash Converters greatly appreciates this functionality as it enhances their ability to deliver high-quality products to their customers. 


User-Friendly Interface:

The user-friendly interface of Blackbelt's software has been another key factor in its success. Cash Converters finds it easy to navigate and understand the results provided by the software. This intuitive interface allows their staff to effectively utilize the software without extensive training or technical expertise. 


Responsive Support Team:

Blackbelt's support team has played a crucial role in maintaining the successful collaboration. They are highly responsive and knowledgeable, always ready to assist Cash Converters with any queries or issues. The prompt and efficient support provided by Blackbelt ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for Cash Converters, even when faced with challenging requests. 


Time and Cost Savings:

Blackbelt's software has become an indispensable tool in Cash Converters' arsenal. It has saved them countless hours and money in assessing the condition and value of the products they handle. By streamlining their processes and providing reliable data, Blackbelt's software has given Cash Converters the confidence and assurance to make informed decisions when purchasing smartphones and tablets. 



Based on their experience, Cash Converters wholeheartedly recommends Blackbelt to anyone seeking a reliable and efficient software solution for their mobile device needs. The collaboration between the two companies has proven to be mutually beneficial, with Blackbelt's software providing substantial value and support to Cash Converters' operations. 



The partnership between Blackbelt 360 and Cash Converters has flourished over the years, with Blackbelt's software solution becoming an integral part of Cash Converters' operations. By delivering detailed and accurate analysis, user-friendly interfaces, and responsive support, Blackbelt has transformed the way Cash Converters handles smartphones PC’s and tablets. This case study showcases the successful collaboration and the positive impact Blackbelt has had on Cash Converters' business operations. 


"Blackbelt has been an absolute game-changer for Cash Converters. The software has addressed their pressing need for a reliable and efficient solution to thoroughly check and analyze the mobile devices they handle regularly."

Terry McArdle, Training Development Specialist


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