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Sarjo SaidykhanMar 11, 2024 2:22:56 PM2 min read

Cutting Costs, Delighting Customers: How Currys saves a Fortune in Device Returns USING Blackbelt360

In the dynamic electronics retail world, managing high volumes of used device returns and maintaining customer satisfaction pose significant challenges. In 2023, Currys, a leading UK electronics retailer, partnered with Blackbelt to tackle these challenges. This case study unveils the journey, challenges, and remarkable outcomes.

Challenges Faced by Currys: 

  • Inconsistent Return Processes: Varying technical skills, equipment, and procedures across stores resulted in an inconsistent return and repair process. Standardisation was crucial for improving the customer experience and achieving cost savings.
  • Fault Identification Difficulties: The absence of in-store technology and diagnostic clarity led to the unnecessary acceptance of many non-faulty returns, underscoring the need for an effective point-of-sale solution. Enhancing this was crucial for cost efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Collaboration with Blackbelt 360: 

  • Tailored Solution: Blackbelt 360 customised their portal and app to meet Currys' specific challenges, implementing a two-phase solution for comprehensive diagnostics. 
  • Standardised Test Journey: The solution standardised the test journey for each customer issue, ensuring consistent and accurate evaluations across all UK stores. 
  • Reduced Returns and Repairs: Post-implementation in July 2023, Currys experienced a 10% reduction in returns and a 20% decrease in repairs, showcasing the solution's effectiveness. 
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: The standardised testing process ensured accurate, timely resolutions for customers, minimising unnecessary returns and repairs. 
  • Proactive Insights and Analysis: The new platform also provided Currys with valuable insights into product performance, enabling issues to be managed proactively before they even got to customers. 
  • Ongoing Improvement: Both parties are committed to continuous refinement, further optimising their processes in a second phase of collaboration. 


Since the launch of the Blackbelt platform in July, the collaboration between Blackbelt and Currys has proven to be a game-changer, ushering in a new era of efficiency and customer satisfaction. With an impressive tally of over 30,000 repair bookings processed in a relatively short span, the impact has been nothing short of transformative. The platform seamlessly integrates the offerings of more than 80 different manufacturers, demonstrating a commitment to diversity and choice.

What makes this collaboration truly remarkable is the engagement of over 3,000 store colleagues across 310 unique stores, reflecting a widespread adoption and understanding of the platform's benefits. The statistics speak volumes – 3363 unique users, over 4,000 unique SKUs, and a comprehensive network involving various manufacturers. This dynamic collaboration has not only streamlined repair processes but has also elevated the overall customer experience at Currys.

The positive ripple effect is palpable, solidifying the Blackbelt partnership as a pivotal force in enhancing Currys' operational prowess and reinforcing its position as a leader in the electronics retail sector. 



The Currys and Blackbelt 360 partnership exemplifies how innovative software solutions can revolutionise device processing operations, reduce costs, and boost customer satisfaction.  

By empowering Currys with an effective in-store testing platform, Blackbelt360 has not only helped resolve their returns issue, but also set a new industry efficiency standard.  

As technology evolves, such strategic collaborations are pivotal for retailers aiming to stay ahead. 


If you would like to know more about what solutions Blackbelt360 can offer, do not hesitate to reach out to our helpful team. 

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