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Sarjo Saidykhan09/04/24 10:241 min read

Blackbelt360 Secures "Best Innovative Product" Award at Mobile News Awards 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Blackbelt360 has been honoured with the prestigious "Best Innovative Product" award at this year's Mobile News Awards. 


The winning product was BlackBelt360's Diagnostics app which has transformed the way device refurbishers analyse mobile devices. The app offers an intuitive and seamless experience and is becoming widely adopted in Warehouse & Retail settings.  


The BlackBelt360 Diagnostics app allows users to customise workstreams and tests to meet their own needs. Its ability to automatically collect device-specific data, run standard tests, and record results, helps streamline processes and enhance operating efficiency, setting a new standard in mobile device analysis. 


The Mobile News Awards celebrate pioneering advancements in the mobile technology sector, and this year, Blackbelt360 emerged victorious among industry giants with its cutting-edge Diagnostics app.  


Despite facing formidable competition from well-funded entities, this award recognises our dedication to breaking new ground and consistently delivering excellence in the tech refurbishment industry. 


This achievement is a testament to the hard work and ingenuity of every member of the Blackbelt360 team. Their passion and dedication have enabled us to thrive in a landscape dominated by industry titans. The "Best Innovative Product" award honours not only a single product but also the collective effort of our entire team. 


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Mobile News Awards for this incredible recognition. It reaffirms our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and making a lasting impact in the industry. 


As we look ahead, the Mobile News Awards serve as a source of inspiration and motivation. We remain steadfast in our mission to foster innovation, drive meaningful change, and redefine the possibilities within the dynamic realm of mobile technology. 


The "Best Innovative Product" award is more than just a recognition of this team’s tireless pursuit of excellence; it's a celebration of our journey and a promise of even more exciting innovations to come.  


See our journey since 2004 on our About Us page here. #MobileNewsAwards #Innovation #Blackbelt360


Sarjo Saidykhan

As Blackbelt's esteemed International Business and Marketing Manager, she supports the development of thought-leadership-based content for social media, the web, and other Blackbelt communication channels. Her innovative strategies have firmly established her as a respected international marketing luminary.